Get your life organized! — Evernote

21 08 2009

This is a first post in a series on useful tools to get your life organized.

Now, just a quick disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Evernote or their products, just a satisfied user eager to share some tips.

I do have to admit, however, that I am a bit of an “organisation geek” or, put in a more sophisticated way: a person with a penchant for being organised. I look for systems. I look for ways to make my workflow faster. I look for optimization of current procedures and often spend long hours planning. Take me into a stationer’s store and I’ll spend at least one hour browsing it and seeing what’s on offer. Devising new ways to make my life easier and more efficient is what I enjoy. This has often brought new opportunities ( – it naturally pushed me into a manager role in my highschool and has proved essential in my position in the student council in my college or when organising a big charity event). It may sometimes be annoying to others but, much more often, I am in a position to help them get their everyday tasks at least a little more organised.

On to today’s theme…

The first tool that I want to introduce to you is Evernote.

Evernote is useful especially for managing your “little tidbits” of information. Phone numbers on little pieces of paper. Sudden waves of genius and ideas that do not fit anywhere else in your computer directory. Webclips from an article you think may be useful at some point. Evernote is perfect for storing all of these. It is easy to use, has both an online and offline version (so your notes sync across platforms) and is available to both Mac and Windows users. You can tag your notes and the database is fully searchable making sure you never lose that important piece of information that you wrote down yesterday but can’t remember how you called it.

Just give it a try and maybe you’ll find that having one place to store all these little tidbits will save you hours of frustration and crying over spilt milk.

Find out about Evernote’s secret (hint: elephant cloud):

Do you have experience with Evernote? Leave a comment…




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